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Skilled Worker

The Skilled Worker visa application process can be a minefield for anyone not completely up to date with the current immigration legislation. At Migra & Co, it’s our business to know and be fully aware of constantly changing legal requirements in order to secure the approval of our clients’ Skilled Worker visa.
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Australia’s General Skilled Migration Programs can be divided into an independent and sponsored scheme.

Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 175)

This type of visa does not require a migrant to have a job offer nor to be sponsored by a company or a relative. Applicants are however, required to meet a minimum of 120 points on the basis of their age, English language proficiency, academic and professional qualifications. In addition, their occupation must be on the Skilled Occupation List and their earnings and work experience will also be taken into consideration. The prospective applicant will need to pass the health and character requirements. It is important to note that applicants are required to be under the age of 45 on the date of submission. The skilled independent visa leads to permanent residence.

Skilled Sponsored Visa (subclass 176 and subclass 475)

This type of visa is the best option for an applicant who intends to work in Australia but does not meet the higher threshold set by the skilled independent visa. Prospective applicants will still be assessed in terms of their age, skills, qualification, occupation and work experience as well as English language.  However, they will only need to score a minimum of 100 points on their assessment. Migrants can be sponsored by a relative or be nominated by a State or Territory Government. In the first instance, the relative must be an Australia citizen/permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen. In addition, there must be a familial connection i.e. the applicant must be related to the sponsor by being a parent, a son/daughter, sibling, niece and nephew or aunt and uncle.

Applicants who seek to be nominated under the skilled regional sponsored  scheme,  will need to meet the specific criteria set by the particular State or Territory by having the skills  or occupation in demand as well as  agreeing to live for two years and work for at least 12 months in the sponsoring region. This visa is granted for three years and it leads to permanent residence.

Employer Sponsored Worker (subclass 457 visa)

This category is a temporary work visa for overseas workers who are eligible to be sponsored by an Australian company or overseas business. The company must be registered with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in order to sponsor migrants. Please note that the salary on offer must meet the specified level and the candidate must be highly skilled in his profession. A 475 visa can be granted for up to 4 years and it leads to settlement. As part of our service we offer accurate advice about the sponsorship licence process and nomination as well as comprehensive guidance concerning the preparation and submission of the 475 visa on the candidate's behalf.

Australian working holiday visa

This particular category is suited for migrants between the age of 18 and 30 to gain work experience in Australia while on holiday. The applicants must be  nationals from reciprocating countries and will also need to satisfy the health and character requirements.  The working holiday visa is valid for 12 months from the date of entry and successful applicants will be able to work for up to 6 months per employer. Please contact us for assistance in relation to your application or any other immigration concerns you may wish to discuss.

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