10 easy steps to a successful visa application!

We often speak to migrants who are confused about the immigration process and how to go about preparing an initial or an extension application under one of the many different visa categories. To help you, we have now decided to list 10 easy steps when preparing your application:

  • Plan in advance- for instance, you might need to show a bank balance covering a 90 days period or you may wish to have your application submitted using the same day service appointment.
  • Prepare the application by understanding the immigration requirements and the policy guidance. Do not simply rely on the documents listed in the application form.
  • Evidence – focus on the mandatory documents and make sure they are in the right format and cover the relevant period.
  • Check that the application form you are using is the up-dated one and pay the correct fee. An invalid form, for instance, might result in delays and even losing the right of appeal.
  • Include with the application bundle a cover letter listing the supporting documents and explaining how you meet the different criteria.
  • Make sure that you submit either original documents or stamped and signed copies by the relevant authorities.
  • If you were to submit your application by post, it should be sent by special recorded delivery.
  • Be prepared for delays and don’t book holidays or business trip unless you are in a position to change your travelling plans without cost.
  • Honesty is the best policy- disclose all criminal convictions and any prior visa refusal for the UK or other countries as deception might lead to a re-entry ban.
  • Once  your application is approved, do check the details on your biometric card are accurate.

So, do not leave it to chance as it might affect your ability to reside or work in the UK!  For instance, the new Rules state that if you have overstayed your leave by more than 28 days at the date you make a new application for further leave you will automatically be refused. If you are unclear as to whether you satisfy the Immigration Rules or have the correct evidence, please contact us. Similarly, if you have a complex application or a troubled immigration history or need to apply using the same day service, we will be able to assist you with a  dedicated member of our immigration team.

The content of this article is for general use and information only. Since each case should be prepared on its own merit and in light of the constant amendments to the Immigration Rules, it is important to note that the information provided must not be relied upon unless Migra & Co has either given written consent or has been officially engaged in relation to a specific immigration matter. As a result, Migra & Co will take no responsibility for any damage, cost or loss resulting from relying on the information contained in this article, blog and website.