UK sees a growing interest of investors from China

The official statistics from the UK Border Agency indicates an increase of 57% in foreign investors coming to the UK in the period of June to December in 2011. Investors from the Greater China region, including Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, account 30% of the growth in foreign investors. In particular, the number of Tier 1 Investor visa issued to Mainland Chinese jumped to 85 in 2011, from less than 30 in a year before.

It is believed that many migrants coming to the UK under the investor category are attracted by the fast track route for settling in the country introduced by the Border Agency in March 2011. The new policies allow investors with a fund of one million pounds to settle in the UK after remaining in the country under the investor visa for five years. With a fund of five million pounds, investors can settle in the UK after three years, and two years for those who invest ten million pounds.

The official stats also reveals that at least 30% of the Chinese investors have chosen to invest a fund of five million pounds or an amount above that. These allow the investors to settle in the UK after three years of being granted Tier 1 Investor visa, and from that point, the fund can be moved freely for other purposes.

Why invest in the UK?

Stable government and established financial and banking system provide a security to investors’ money.
Allowing investors stay out of the country for up to 180 days in any 12 months period. The number of days for absence is nearly twice more than what the US and Australia governments offer. Clearly, this is a bonus for those high-net-worth business people as it offers a flexibility for them to travel back and forth between the UK and their home country dealing with business or family matters.
The speed in processing and approving a Tier 1 Investor visa application saves migrants from endless waiting time. Applications are often approved within 2-4 weeks provided there are sufficient funds.

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