Additional fees to be paid when applying in particular UK visa centres

On 25 August 2015 the Home Office announced, that as of 1 September 2015 (after midnight UK time) an additional fees of £52 will have to be paid by an applicant on top of the UKVI fees when submitting an application for a visa to the UK.

The affected UK visa application centres are:

– China: Jinan (As of 1 October 2015)

– Germany: Dusseldorf

– India: Jalandhar

– Italy: Roma

– Japan: Osaka

– Poland: Warsaw

– Russia: Rostov

– Saudi Arabia: Al Khobar;

– Spain: Madrid

– Switzerland: Zurich

– Turkey: Izmir

The fees of £52 will cover the cost of operating application centres in the above cities in order for applicants do not travel long distances or to another country to apply for a UK visa.

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