Annual allocation of the COS certificates

When applying for a sponsorship licence, a potential sponsor should estimate the number of CoS certificates, which might be assigned in the first year. A sponsor can only request “unrestricted” CoS for migrants, who already working under the Tier 2 General category or Work Permit and will need to extend their stay in the UK, or for the migrants with an annual salary of at least £153,500 or who are allowed to switch in the UK.

The Home Office allocates a number of requested unrestricted CoS certificates under the Tier 2 General and all Tier 2 ICT categories in line with the financial year, which runs from 6 April to 5 April in the following year. By the end of the “CoS year” a sponsor should send a request for a number of unrestricted CoSes, which a company intends to allocate. A request should be completed using the SMS system before 5th April each year providing a reason for this request.

On 6 April 2014 the Home Office introduced new functionality in the SMS system, which allows to automatically create an annual allocation of CoS based on the number of CoS certificates assigned in the preceding 12 months. A sponsor will be able to see if the allocations are due to be renewed automatically by logging into the company’s SMS system. In this case a sponsor does not need to send the request manually.

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