Applying for a replacement vignette

Applicants who have been granted entry clearance to the UK, would have had their passports endorsed with a 30-day entry clearance vignette, during which they must enter the UK.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic many applicants may have been left unable to enter the UK within the validity of the vignette. Although the UKVI is yet to publish guidance on this, the current option is for individuals to apply for a 30-day replacement vignette, this is known as a ‘transfer of conditions.’ This will extend the period in which the applicant is able to enter the UK.

In order to make a valid application, you will need to make an online application and attend a biometric appointment again to provide your photo and fingerprints.

However, in many countries such as the US, all visa application centres have temporarily closed until further notice. This means that applicants will not be able to provide their biometric data and make a valid application for a 30-day replacement vignette. Instead, they will need to wait for the biometric centres to re-open and explain that they were unable to provide their biometric data due to COVID-19.

We expect the UKVI to publish guidance on this shortly, please keep visiting our website for updates!


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