Biometric card delays

The Home Office has notified various applicants that due to a problem with the transfer of data from the case working system to the biometric residence permit (BRP) production system, there are now delays in the production of BRP’s.

Unfortunately, there is now a backlog and BRP’s will only be available from the designated collection point within 4 weeks from the start date of the vignette. Applicants have been advised not to attempt to collect the BRP any earlier than this, as they will not be available.

In the meantime, applicants may have concerns on how to confirm their lawful status in the UK. The relevant notification email should include the following:

How do I prove my status without a BRP?

This message serves as confirmation that you hold lawful status in the United Kingdom but have not received a BRP to evidence your status due to a specific issue which prevents the Home Office issuing your BRP.

If you are asked by one of the bodies below to prove your status or entitlements you should show them this message, along with the passport or other identity document you used in your immigration application, and ask them to follow the processes described below.’

Prospective employers will be able to use the Employer Checking Service using the link below. Once the request is completed, the Home Office will directly confirm the applicant’s status with the employer.

Landlords can do the same by using the Landlord Checking Service:

If you wish to register with the NHS, you should be able to explain that you are currently waiting for your BRP to be issued, but if they have any concerns, they should contact Status Verification, Enquiries and Checking (SVEC) at the Home Office.

Other authorities such as the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Local Authorities or any other government department will also be able to contact SVEC.

In regards to opening a bank account, this is a commercial decision and so it is ultimately up to the bank as to whether they will open it. However, the absence of a BRP card should not prevent an applicant’s ability to do so.

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