Biometric Residence Card for overseas migrants

On 2 February 2015, the Home Office announced new regulations, which will come into force in March 2015 and will require non-EEA nationals, seeking permission from overseas to enter the UK for more than six month, to apply for a Biometric Residence Card (BRP).

At the moment, when applying for leave to enter and remain in the UK under any visa category, the applicant is issued with a vignette in his/her current passport, confirming the validity of the stay. When applying for extension of leave or settlement while residing in the UK, the applicant is issued with a Biometric Card.

According to the new regulations, once an entry clearance application is approved, successful applicant will be issued with a short validity “travel vignette”, that will allow him/her to travel to the UK. Within 10 days of arrival in the UK, the applicant will be able to collect the BRP from the designated Post Office branch.

The new scheme will be introduced in phases country by country over a four months period, which is expected to commence in March 2015.