Can non-employment income meet the financial requirement?

We are often contacted by migrants who don’t know whether they are able to rely on income received from sources other than employment and self-employment towards meeting the financial requirement under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules.

The following sources of income will be taken into consideration by the UK Border Agency in meeting the financial requirements for spouses and family members of British Citizens:

– property rental

– dividends or other income from investments, stocks and shares, bonds or trust funds

– interest from savings

– maintenance payments from a former partner in relation to the applicant or to the applicant and former partner’s child

– UK Maternity Allowance and bereavement allowance

– A maintenance grant or stipend (not a loan) to pursue undergraduate study or postgraduate.

The UKBA will consider the income accrued from the above sources for the 12 months period preceding the application. However, the asset on which any income is based must be in the name of the applicant, their partner or jointly.

Please note that income from this category can be added to salaried and non salaried employment as well as cash savings and pension.

Applicants might be able to rely on property rental income, which might be accrued in the UK or overseas. However, in order to be taken into consideration, the following criteria must be met:

– the property must be owned by the person

– it must not be the main residence and will not be so if the application is granted

– if ownership of the property is shared with a third party, only income received from their share of the property can be counted

– equity in a property cannot be used to meet the financial requirement

Thus, income from a room in the main residence rented to a tenant cannot be taken into consideration. The couple will need to provide the following evidence:

– copy of title deed or mortgage statements

– personal bank statements covering the 12 months period

– rental agreement or contract

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