Changes to Tier 2 Codes of Practice and restricted certificates

Changes to Tier 2 Codes of Practice and restricted certificates

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) has announced changes to the codes of practice for skilled migrant workers from outside the EEA. These changes will come into effect on 6 April 2013 and will include:

Changes to the lists of skilled occupations

The UKBA is updating their skill lists and levels to reflect the new Standard Occupational Classification 2010 system in line with the MAC’s recommendations.

Changes to salary requirements

The minimum appropriate rates for skilled workers in each occupation are being simplified and updated.

The overall salary thresholds, which apply across Tier 2, will be increased in line with wage inflation.

Changes to the way the resident labour market test is conducted

New criteria for specific publications and websites where vacancies can be advertised will make the resident labour market test more flexible.

The UK Border Agency is also amending the codes of practice for skilled employers, including updating the list of skilled occupations to reflect the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) 2010 system.

If you are an employer and are planning to issue a restricted certificate of sponsorship (RCoS) before 6 April 2013, please note that this must be assigned at the latest by 5th April 2013, Otherwise, the ‘job type’ details will be lost and as a result, you will need to make a fresh application for a new restricted certificate of sponsorship.

Finally, the UKBA is also changing the timings of the monthly allocation of restricted certificates of sponsorship (RCoS) for April and May 2013.

The changes are summarised in the time table below.

Allocation periodApplication datesOriginal monthly allocation dateRevised monthly allocation date
6 March – 5 April 20136 April – 17 April 201311 April 201319 April 2013
6 April – 5 May 201318 April – 5 May 201313 May 201313 May 2013
6 May – 5 June 20136 May – 5 June 201311 June 201311 June 2013


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