Croatia soon to join EEA

The UKBA has published a Statement of Intent with regards to Croatian nationals. As a result, it is expected:

  • Croatia should join the EU on 1 July 2013;
  • As EEA members, Croatian nationals should be given preferential treatment;
  • Croatian nationals who are employed for an uninterrupted period of 12 months will cease to be subject to any restrictions in terms of access to the labour market;
  • Work in self-employed should not be subject to work authorization.


To obtain an accession worker registration card, your employer should be a UKBA registered sponsor and willing to issue you with a CoS for a skilled job at NVQ Level 4.This will be subject to the resident labour test.

Self-employed application should not be required to make an application. This is based on the fact that Bulgarian and Romanian nationals could have applied for a registration certificate confirming their right to work as a self-employed person in the UK, however there was no mandatory requirement to do so.