How to apply for a NARIC assessment?

Migrants who are applying for a Tier 2 General visa, Spouse visa, Innovator, Representative of an Overseas Business visa, Indefinite Leave to Remain or Naturalisation will need to meet the English language requirement unless exceptions apply.

If the migrant is a national of a majority English speaking country, or has passed an English language test at the appropriate level, or is holding a UK bachelor’s or above degree, the English language requirement will be met.

If the applicant is holding a degree from outside of the UK, he/she will need to provide evidence showing that the degree is equivalent to a UK bachelor’s or master’s degree or a PhD, and was taught in English to the relevant standard.

What is UK NARIC?

The UK NARIC Visas and Nationality service confirms that the degree was taught in English and meets the recognised standard of Bachelor, Master’s or PhD in the UK. Additionally, it confirms a level of proficiency of English on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) if the qualification was not pursued in a majority English-speaking country.

Migrants will need to obtain an Academic Qualification Level Statement (AQUALS) from UK NARIC confirming the degree is equivalent to a UK qualification.

If the degree is from a non-majority English-speaking country, applicants will also need to apply for an English Language Proficiency Statement (ELPS) from UK NARIC confirming the degree was taught in English.

What kinds of documents do you need to provide?

Migrants will need to provide the following documents:

  • A copy of the final certificate;
  • A copy of the academic transcripts (documents from affiliate colleges accepted);
  • A copy of a Medium of Instruction letter (MOI letter) which confirms that the qualification was taught and assessed completely in English (documents from affiliate colleges accepted).


How long does it take?

The standard service normally takes 10 working days with a fee of £125 + VAT. There are also two fast track options, 24 hours service costs an extra £164.00 + VAT whilst 48 hours service costs an additional £114.00 + VAT.

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