Documents’ check when leaving the UK

On 8 April 2015 the UK government introduced new exit checks, which are meant to target migrants, who have overstayed their visas and are in the UK illegally. New system will allegedly improve national security by helping the police and security services track the movements of known or suspected criminals and terrorists. The information collected through the checks will help the Home Office to obtain a more comprehensive picture of the migrants, entering and leaving the UK.

The checks will not likely impact on the passengers’ journey, as the majority of airlines already provide the Home Office with Advance Passenger Information (API), which was introduced in 2004. This information is given to airlines by customers when booking their flights. On some rail and ferry journeys, where API information cannot be provided, carriers and ports will check travel documents and collect data by checking or scanning passports or national ID card.

It is important to note that school coach parties of EEA children under 16 years old will be exempt from these checks.

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