Giving notice of marriage or civil partnership – New Requirements!

From 2 March 2015 major changes will be introduced by the Home Office to the process of giving notice of marriage or civil partnership according to which all couples will have to complete a longer notice period of 28 days before being able to marry or form a civil partnership in England and Wales.

According to the current requirements, if one or both partners are non-EEA national and are not exempt from immigration control, the couple is required to give notice at a designated register office at least 16 days before the ceremony.

Please note that one or both partners, if not EEA nationals, must provide specified evidence of their immigration status, or otherwise the proposed marriage or civil partnership will be referred to the Home Office and the notice period may be extended to 70 days.

This scheme will be introduced to tackle sham marriages and civil partnerships in the UK, which are entered into by a couple, deemed not to be in a genuine relationship, for instance, if one of the partners is seeking an immigration advantage with the purpose to enter and/or remain in the UK.

When attending the register office or designated register office, both partners will need to provide evidence of their names, dates of birth, nationalities and places of residence. Depending on the nationality and immigration status, the couple may also be required to provide additional information, evidence and photographs.

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