Guidance – TB testing requirements for long term UK visit

From 31 December 2013 nationals of selected countries have to be tested for tuberculosis (TB) prior the submission of an application for a UK visa for up to 6 months. The new measure is a pre requirement for long term visa categories including 2.5 and 10 years visitor visa. Applicants for a 6 months fiancé visa are included in this category as they need to demonstrate their intention to reside in the UK longer than 6 months.

Special requirements have been set by the Home Office:

Approved clinics: the test has to be booked in advance in one of the clinics approved by the Home Office. While booking an appointment, it is necessary to specifically mention that the test is required as part of your UK visa application. Please note that an average waiting time for an appointment is few days, however, during the peak season between June and September you might wait for approximately 10 days to get an appointment. The clinic will charge you for the TB test according to their policy.

TB testing for children: all children over 11 years old must undertake the TB test. A Parent or a guardian has to accompany a child under 16 years old to the clinic.

Children under 11 years old have to be accompanied by their parent or guardian to one of the approved clinics where a medical questionnaire has to be filled in the name of the child. Following the assessment of the answers, the practitioner is going to determine whether the child has to be tested or not. If the practitioner decides that the test is not necessary he will issue a special certificate that will have to be submitted with the visa application. The certificate is subject to payment within the clinic.

Documents to bring to the appointment: proof of identification such as passport, tuberculosis test fees and medical records in case of previous lung diseases.

Please note that the whole procedure might take approximately 4 hours. If your test results are normal, you will be issued with a certificate confirming the TB test to submit with your visa application. The certificate is valid for the period of 6 months. In case there is a reason to believe that further investigation is needed you will be required to take additional tests which can take up to 2 months to process.

If you are diagnosed with tuberculosis you won’t be able to submit an application until your treatment is complete.

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