How can you make a Subject Access Request?

Prior to submitting an application for leave to enter or remain, a migrant can request a copy of his/her personal information held on the Home Office’s records. This is also known as a ‘Subject Access Request’ (SAR).

SAR allows individuals to request a copy of their full Home Office file and it is also free of charge to make such request. A response is usually received within 30 – 40 days of their identity being verified by the Home Office.

What kind of records can you request?

Migrants can request a copy of:

  • An electronic summary of their immigration history;
  • Landing cards held electronically;
  • An electronic summary of entry clearance records;
  • Workers Registration Scheme (WRS) information;
  • Entry and exit records for the past 5 years.


Applicants can also request copies of up to 5 single documents, including:

  • A list of your visa applications made in the UK;
  • A particular decision letter;
  • The outcome of an appeal (appeal determination);
  • An individual detention progress report;
  • A deportation order;
  • A particular interview record.


How can you make a SAR?

Applicants can complete the online application form from the website Alternatively, you can make an application in writing, and send all the supporting documents to:

Subject Access Request Unit

UK Visas and Immigration

Lunar House

40 Wellesley Road

Croydon CR9 2BY

What are the supporting documents for a SAR?

  • A copy of your photo identification, such as a passport, driving licence, biometric residence card, national identity card etc;
  • Written confirmation from a third party that your photo identification is a true likeness;
  • A letter to give permission for your records to be sent to you, or your legal representative;
  • Proof of your relationship, if you are applying for a child under 12.


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