How can you submit biometric information?

Migrants have to provide their biometric information once they submit their UK visa applications. Therefore, if the applicants are in the UK, they will usually need to use UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) to submit their biometric information (fingerprints and photo) as well as supporting documents for their applications.

What you need to do?

You will need to book an appointment at a UKVCAS service point once you submit your visa application. In addition, you can provide your supporting documents either by uploading them directly into the UKVCAS online service or scanning them at your UKVCAS appointment (This will incur an extra charge).

Where are the service point locations?

You will receive a list of available appointments once you book, and select the nearest service points. Appointments are available 5 weeks in advance at all 6 core UKVCAS service points and the premium lounge and 3 to 4 weeks in advance at the 50 enhanced service points. The 6 core points are Manchester, Birmingham, Belfast, Croydon, Cardiff and Glasgow.

How much does it cost?

The biometric appointment costs £19.20. The applicant will need to pay as part of his/her visa application. The migrant might need to pay a higher fee for his/her appointment depending on the selected service point.

There are 6 free ‘core’ service points and 50 ‘enhanced’ service points that cost £60 in the UK. The applicant might also need to pay extra for out of hours or weekend appointments and extra services, for example, document translation or an interpreter.

Since the launch of UKVCAS, migrants have been able to conveniently self-upload supporting documentation before they visit the service point. They have also had access to the assisted scanning service offered by Sopra Steria free of charge.

However, on 1 July 2019, the UKVI announced that from 22 July, migrants who book an appointment at one of the 6 core sites will pay a scanning service fee of £45 if they do not upload the supporting documents themselves. If the migrant has not made a payment prior to his/her appointment, there will be a risk of being turned away and having to rebook the appointment.

Please note that the self-upload option remains free to migrants and recent changes to this service will allow migrants to preview their documents before uploading to their accounts. The fee for document scanning is in addition to the appointment booking charge if an applicant chose an out of hours appointment.

Appointment core hours cost

Core Sites 10:00-16:00 Free

Enhanced Sites 10:00-16:00 £60

Premium Lounge 10:00-16:00 £200

Appointment outside core hours cost

Core Sites £100

Enhanced Sites £125

Premium Lounge £260

Please note that the £45 document scanning fees will only be charged from 22 July at the 6 core sites. The premium lounge and enhanced service points will continue to offer document scanning during the appointment as part of the overall service.

How should you prepare your supporting documents to self-upload?

If you wish to self-upload your supporting documents in advance to your appointment, you need to visit the UKVCAS website, log in to your account and choose ‘Upload Documents’. The log in link is at the top right of the UKVCAS website homepage.

Please note that you need to upload documents in PDF (preferred), JPG or PNG format. The file name should be simple e.g. bank-statement-Apr-2018.pdf. Do not upload files with file names containing special characters, #,ë, or bank.statement.apr.2018.pdf. Please do not upload any password protected documents as the caseworker will be unable to open them.

In addition, documents uploaded to the UKVCAS website must have a file size no larger than 6MB. To minimise the file size you can scan in black and white or grey scale. It is also helpful to keep the resolution between 150 dpi (dots per inch) to 300 dpi.

What do you need to bring when you attend the appointment?

You will need to print out and bring your QR code to your appointment. Your QR code is in the file attached to your appointment confirmation email. Every member of your family will be issued with a separate QR code and each group member must bring his/her own QR code to the service point otherwise it will delay the appointment. Alongside the QR code, you must also provide your passport and any documents you require digitising, charges will apply for the document scanning service at core service points.

Please note that if your application includes family members, you must all go to an appointment together. Children under 16 must attend the appointment with the person named as the ‘responsible adult’ on their applications.

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