How to amend details entered on an assigned CoS?

In some cases, sponsors might find that they have made mistakes after they assigned a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS).

Minor error

If you made minor errors, you should use the ‘sponsor note’ field to amend them identified after a CoS has been assigned. For example, you put a mistyped name or date of birth or to change the start date of the job.

In addition, you can also use the ‘sponsor note’ field if there is any additional information that you need to state in relation to the migrant and/or the CoS. For instance, if the CoS is for a Tier 5 (Religious Worker), you must explain how the resident labour market test (RLMT) has been met by adding a sponsor note.

Please note that a ‘sponsor note’ can only be added to a CoS that is showing in the Sponsorship Management System (SMS) account with an ‘assigned’ status.

Significant error

Sponsors must cancel a CoS and assign a new one if they have made a significant error. For instance:

  • The SOC code is wrong;
  • You have assigned it under the wrong tier or visa category;
  • You have given wrong details for more than one of the following: the migrant’s nationality, date of birth, and surname.


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