How to create a Certificate of Sponsorship?

If non-EU migrants wish to apply for a Tier 2 visa, it is important for them to obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). Sponsors will need to create a CoS on the Sponsorship Management System (SMS) prior to assigning it.

What information do you need to create a CoS?

Sponsors will need to fill in the migrant’s personal information when they create a CoS. Please note that the fields marked ‘*’ are mandatory. For example, their family name*, given name(s), other names, nationality*, place of birth*, country of birth*, date of birth*, gender* and country of residence*.

The applicant’s passport information: passport number*, issue date*, expiry date* and place of issue*.

The migrant’s current home address: address*, city or town*, country/area district/ province, and postcode/ZIP code*.

Any identification numbers if they have these to hand such as their National Insurance number (NI), national ID card number and employee number.

Work dates: start date*, end date*, total weekly working hours*, and whether the migrant needs to leave and re-enter the UK during the period of consideration.

Main work address in the UK: The full address should be added as well as any other regular UK employment addresses.

Please note that if you have instructed an agent or a head-hunter to advertise the position on your behalf, you must fill in the agent information. You must confirm as to whether the migrant was sourced through an agent as well as the agent’s full name, company name and address.

Migrant’s employment details:

  • Job title*, job type*, and a summary of their job description*;
  • Gross salary and allowances including any guaranteed bonuses*,
  • A summary of their employment contract;
  • Tick to confirm that the post is at the appropriate level as set out in the guidance for sponsors*;
  • Is the job on the current Shortage of Occupations List? * or
  • Whether they have met the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT)? *
  • Give details of the RLMT including where and when the post was advertised and the reference number(s)*
  • Provide registration details if there is a legal requirement for the migrant to be registered with a professional body or any other official organisation in the UK;
  • Tick to confirm the sponsor certifies maintenance for the migrant, if applicable.


Please note that only A-rated sponsors can certify maintenance.

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