How to meet the financial threshold in a spouse visa application?

Migrants applying for leave to enter or remain under the spouse category, can rely on the British sponsor’s salaried employment to meet the financial requirement.If the Sponsor is paid different amounts on a monthly basis, for instance when his remuneration might have been subject to a pay rise in the 6 months period under consideration, the applicant can only rely on the lowest level of salary.

However, there might different strategies to “fill-in” the gap between the sponsor’s salary and the threshold set up at £18600, for instance by relying on savings, overtime payments, etc.

The policy guidance is not particularly clear on this matter and we would encourage anyone who has questions or concerns in terms of lodging a visa application under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules, to contact us via to seek expert legal advice and to avoid delays or a prolonged separation from your loved ones.