How to Transfer Your Visa to a New Passport?

As a migrant, you may need to transfer your current leave to enter and remain in the UK onto a new passport for example, if your passport has expired whilst overseas, or if it is lost or stolen, or if it has been retained by the authorities in your home country.

Please note that if your passport were to expire during the validity of your current endorsement, you might either present the vignette in the expired passport with the new passport and in this case no transfer is required, or you can request to transfer your visa to the new passport.

If your passport and visa are lost or stolen, then you must apply for a replacement visa in which case the full fees will need to be paid. In addition, you must provide sufficient evidence to show that the passport is no longer in your possession, such as reporting the loss to the local police.

Please note that if you have been issued with a 30 days vignette (for instance to enter the UK as a spouse from overseas), but you failed to enter during the validity period, then you will need to apply for a replacement via a Transfer of Condition.

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