Immigration Specialist Firm or Practitioner of the Year

Migra & Co has been awarded this year’s FDI (UK Foreign Direct Investment) prize for ‘Immigration Specialist Firm or Practitioner of the Year’. The FDI Awards took place in the Montcalm Hotel, Marble Arch, London on 22nd March 2017 and 250 guests attended this award, celebrating leaders and entrepreneurs from all corners of the FDI industry in the UK. Established in 2013, initially as the High Value Immigration Awards, the FDI Awards recognise the value and work of those high-net worth individuals, companies and organisations playing a key role in  facilitating foreign direct investment operations and services.

Our firm was delighted to win the prize of  ‘the specialist immigration advisory, law, consultancy firm, or practitioner practicing in a specialist sector that has provided outstanding service to their clients through use of definitive services and, by consistent application of best practice and the highest standards of professional ethics, has helped to raise the profile of high-value immigration into the UK’.

Migra & Co has successfully assisted hundreds of clients all over the world achieving their goals. We place an extremely high value on all our clients, and strive to provide a superlative quality service at all times. We provided a great pool of investment options to our Tier 1 Entrepreneur migrants, and as a result, these foreign  investors have played a key role in helping many start-ups and small to medium sized enterprises(SMEs) to reach the next level in the UK. Our firm has also built a wealth of experience in assisting businesses relocating their employees to the UK, setting up a branch or subsidiary, as well as providing solutions to private clients entering the UK under the Points Based Scheme or joining a family member under the fiancée or spouse visa category.

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The content of this article is for general use and information only. Since each case should be prepared on its own merit and in light of the constant amendments to the Immigration Rules, it is important to note that the information provided must not be relied upon unless Migra & Co has either given written consent or has been officially engaged in relation to a specific immigration matter. As a result, Migra & Co will take no responsibility for any damage, cost or loss resulting from relying on the information contained in this article, blog and website.

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