Marrying in the UK

UK Immigration law obliges non EU nationals to have a special entry clearance visa for those wishing to come to the UK for a purpose of marriage.

The visitor for marriage or civil partnership visa enables an applicant to come for a short term visit to the UK in order to register a marriage or civil partnership. This is exclusively a short term visa granted for a period of 6 months. It’s impossible to extend the visa or change to a different immigration category inside the UK while visiting under this category.

In order to be eligible for this visa, the applicant has to show the intention of the prospective marriage/civil partnership that will take place during the 6 months period of the visa’s validity. The evidence needs to demonstrate that the arrangements are being made for the ceremony.

In addition, it is necessary to demonstrate that the applicant has strong ties to his/her country of origin and has no intention to live in the UK or stay beyond the period of 6 months. The applicant needs also to show that he/she has sufficient funds to maintain himself/herself during their stay in the UK.

As with other immigration categories, it is prohibited to undertake employment or studies under this type of visa.

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