Migrant Cap Hit for the First Time

Newspapers have reported that graduate schemes and management positions across London are to be left vacant because the Government’s cap on non-EU skilled workers was reached for the first time since 2011. It is also noteworthy that this week, Prime Minister David Cameron announced a range of proposals aimed at limiting skilled migration from non-EU countries.

In May 2015, the number of monthly skilled worker visa applications increased significantly topping migrant ceiling for first time. As a result, only prospective Tier 2 General applicants whose annual salary was set above £46,000 were approved, while hundreds of employers across sectors from the financial service to pharmacy to telecoms received a notification that their Tier 2 application was refused due to the applicant not scoring the required threshold of points to qualify.

Business groups are calling for greater flexibility to the current UK immigration system as non-European skilled migrants only account for 0.066% of the total British labour market.

Although skilled migration is capped to 20700 migrants per year, one can still successfully apply for a Tier 2 General Visa if all the requirements are met. If you are uncertain about your options and seek legal advice, please email us at info@migraco.com.