New 24-hour Super Priority Service in the USA

In March 2015, the UKVI launched a super priority service that will enable applicants to receive a decision on their visa application within 24 hours.

Applicants and their dependants will be eligible for the super priority service if they are applying via one of the following immigration routes:

· Tourist and visitor visas
· Tier 2 visas applicants who have permission to live in the USA
· Tier 5 visas applicants who have permission to live in the USA or applicants who are on a Temporary worker visa (Creative and Sporting) in the USA and want to come to the UK to pursue similar activities
· Tier 4 Student visas applicants with authority to be living in the USA.

Applicants who are apply for any other visa type for a visa for a Commonwealth or British Overseas Territory should not use the super priority service.

In addition, the UKVI suggests that customers who have any adverse immigration history do not use the super priority visa service. Please note that all applicants must meet the requirements related to the UK Immigration Rules.

The super priority service costs an additional $936 (approximately £630) and it is non-refundable.

If you are uncertain about using super priority service to enter the UK and wish to seek expert legal advice, please email us at