New British/Irish agreement for Chinese and Indian visitors

On 6 October 2014 The Home Secretary Theresa May signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Republic of Ireland and the first, who would benefit from this agreement, will be Chinese and Indian visitors, who are considered as key market for the UK and Irish tourism.

According to the new agreement, Chinese visitors will be allowed to apply for a single visit visa using a new scheme by the end of October 2014. Indian visitors will be allowed to use this scheme soon afterwards.  By introducing this scheme and making the process simpler, the Home Office would expect an increase in a number of visitors to the UK and Ireland.

The Irish immigration authorities would benefit from the Memorandum of Understanding as it would allow them to determine who can enter the UK. In order to ensure that the procedures work effectively, the Home Office will monitor those applying for visas and entering /leaving the UK using this scheme.

However the Memorandum has to be still revised, as it is not certain yet whether the 6-months’ time limit would be attached to visitors stay across either countries or both.

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