New requirement of paying NHS surcharge

On 19 March 2015 the Home Office announced a new requirement, which will apply to migrants, who are coming to work, study or join family members and also to those, who wishing to extend their existing limited leave to remain in the UK, in order to make sure that the migrants make a proper financial contribution to the cost of their NHS care.

Namely, as of 6 April 2015 applicants will be required to pay a NHS surcharge in the amount of £200 per annum per applicant payable in full at the application stage, except students, for whom the charge will be £150 per annum. For example, an applicant, coming to work in the UK under the Tier 2 General Scheme for a maximum period of 5 years, will be required to pay £1000.00 on top of the UKVI fees at the point of submission of the application at the UK visa centre. The government believes that this strategy will help to pay for the cost of NHS treatments given to temporary migrants.

It is important to note that Australian, New Zealand and EEA nationals and all migrants applying within the Tier 2 ICT category as well as applicants applying for settlement will be exempt.

If an application were to be refused, the NHS surcharge would be fully refunded. However if the visa is issued and the migrant fails to enter the UK within its validity, the NHS surcharge will not be refunded.

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