New statement of changes to the Immigration Rules

On 17 September 2015 the Home Office published a new Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules. The changes include the introduction of a new point table for an application for a Certificate of Sponsorship.

As of 12 October 2015 an application for a COS will be rejected unless it scores a minimum of 20 points under the heading “Type of Job” and a minimum of 1 point under the heading “Salary” of the table below:

Type of job




Shortage occupation130£100,000-£155,299.9960
PhD-level occupation code and job passes Resident Labour Market Test or an exception applies75£72,000-£74,999.9950
Job passes Resident Labour Market Test or an exception applies20£45,000-£49,999.9925


In order to be granted a COS, an applicant must score points from both columns and the application must score a minimum of 21 points to be approved. No points will be awarded if it will be revealed that the RLMT has not been carried out in accordance with the Policy Guidance.

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