New Test for Settlement and Naturalisation

The intention is that the changes for both settlement and citizenship will take place from 28 October 2013. The necessary changes to the Immigration Rules and the British Nationality (General) Regulations will be laid later this year.
Applicants will be required to:
• pass the Life in the UK test; and
• have a speaking and listening qualification in English at B1 CEFR or higher, or an equivalent level qualification.
 A migrant who fulfils the Life in the UK requirement for settlement as it applies on or after 28 October 2013 will not be required to retake any elements in a later application for naturalisation but will be deemed automatically to satisfy KoLL at that later stage.
The situation is different for those who applied or apply for settlement before 28 October 2013. They will have satisfied the KoLL requirement by either passing the Life in the UK test or by taking an ESOL qualification (probably at a level below B1) and this by itself will not be sufficient should they later apply for naturalisation.
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