New UKBA forms for in country applications

The UK Border Agency has published today, on 13 December 2012, new versions of the following application forms, including inter alia an updated Tier 1 (Investor) form, Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) form and Tier 1 (General) form as well as SET(M) and SET(O), FLR(M) form and FLR(O) form.

In line with paragraph 34(i) of the Immigration Rules, the UK Border Agency will continue to accept applications made on the previous version of these forms up to and including 3 January 2013. However, it’s vital that the applicants will  show compliance with the new requirements even when submitting an old form. The changes to the Immigration Rules include:

  • Non substantive changes to all PBS tiers.
  • Establishing a more robust and clear criminality framework against which immigration applications will be assessed.
  • Amendments to clarify the absences from the UK that are allowed during the continuous residence period for settlement for Tier 1 (General), Tier 2 and pre-points based system work routes (for example work permits, self-employment and business person).
  • Minor changes to the child and parent routes to make them as clear and comprehensive as possible and changes to simplify the operation of the income threshold for sponsoring family migrants.