NHS Health Surcharge – Important information

On 29 June 2015 the Home Office announced that a new integrated process has been developed in order to ease the payment process for the NHS Health Surcharge.

According to the new changes, if an IHS reference is needed, an applicant will only need to input personal details once, making the overall process quicker, easier and avoiding errors.

The changes will come into force as of 5 July 2015 for applications submitted within and outside the UK. Tier 4 migrants applying within the UK and overseas applicants submitting their applications outside the UK will have to start a new online application, if they have not paid the IHS surcharge and have not submitted their applications using online system by 06:59 am (London time) on 4 July 2015. Otherwise their visa applications will be refused. The migrants are strongly advised to start new online application forms after the above dates to avoid their applications being delayed or refused.

Migrants, submitting their application by post within the UK, should continue using the existing web site to make the payment for the IHS surcharge.

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