Re-opening of UK visa application centres in the US

As lockdown restrictions are eased, many UK Visa application centres around the world have started a phased re-opening of the biometric centres. Re-opening dates very much depend on the local restrictions imposed on each city/country/state and it must be noted that the UK Government has no control over the re-opening dates. This is because the application centres have been outsourced by the UKVI to VFS Global and TLS Contact.

According to VFS Global the following centres are next to re-open:

  • 6 July 2020- India and Sri Lanka
  • 10 July 2020- Laos

Please note that you should check VFS directly to confirm that the closest centre to your city is set to re-open by visiting the following link:

Alternatively, you may wish to check TLS contact by selecting the country of application:

VFS Centres in the US are operated by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (ISCIS) and Application Support Centres (ASCs).ASCs have been closed since March 2020. However, USCIs has indicated that there may be a phased re-opening as of 13 July 2020.  However, VFS is yet to confirm as to when centres in the US are likely to re-open. Although there were signs of progress in the US with a decrease in COVID-19 cases, figures are now showing an increase in cases, in particular in California, Texas, Florida and Arizona.

Once centres re-open, staff will be needed in order to process an overwhelming 3-months’ worth backlog of applications.

Once an application is submitted and the applicant attends their biometric appointment, their original passport (unless using the keep my passport when applying or premium service) will be sent to the UKVI’s Scanning Hub, based in New York city. This is where the vignette will be affixed to the applicant’s original passport. Hence, the key as to when centres across the US may re-open, may rest on how New York is dealing with COVID-19.

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