Settlement priority service in the USA- update

The UKBA has announced that all spousal visa applications including fiancée visa applications submitted to the New York’s UKBA consulate, are being transferred to Sheffield in the UK for processing, which might add few additional weeks to the processing time.

Currently, the UKBA website shows that the average processing time for settlement visas which your application fall under is: 85% of the applications have the decision made in 40 days and 100% in 60 days.

In order submit an application using the UKBA priority service offer in the USA, an applicant will need to:

– submit the VAF4A application online and book a biometric appointment;

– attend the biometric appointment;

– buy the PRIORITY SERVICE online and follow the guidance below;

– send the application by recorded delivery to  the UK Border Agency in New York.

The application bundle should be sent to:

The UK Border Agency
British Consulate-General
845 Third Avenue
New York. NY 10022

Price: USD $300 + tax for each settlement priority visa application. This fee is in addition to the visa application fee. The current UKBA fee is £826 to be paid online. This priority service allows settlement visa applicants to pay to have their visa application placed at the front of the queue once received by the UK Border Agency, to commence processing ahead of other visa applications.

How to apply for the settlement priority service?

1. You must pay for the settlement priority service before you send your visa application to the UK Border Agency. You can for pay the settlement priority service using the Purchase products and services;

2. You should print out and keep a copy of your receipt that confirms you have made your online payment for this service. You will not be able to apply for this service after you have mailed your documents to the UK Border Agency, it must be purchased before;

3. You should mail the application bundle on the same day you purchase the priority service;

4. You must write ‘Settlement Priority Service’ in very large letters on the front and back of the outermost envelope of your visa application. This means the exterior envelope, for example the UPS/Fedex /USPS envelope. Please note that failure to follow this direction may result in your application not being identified and handled as priority. In addition, please ensure that you place your settlement priority service purchase receipt on top of your application documents inside your envelope.

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