Sponsor license will be automatically renewed on or after 6 April 2024

According to the notification appearing on the Sponsorship Management System (SMS), starting from 6 April 2024, the Home Office will remove the requirement to renew sponsor licences. If a company’s licence is due to expire on or after this date, they will no longer need to apply for licence renewal or pay a renewal fee.

To prepare for this change, the Home Office has extended the expiry dates of all licences set to expire on or after 6 April 2024 by 10 years. It is advised that companies do not need to take any action, and any notifications to renew the licence can be ignored.

To check the expiry date, companies can log in to the SMS and select the “Licence Summary” function to view the licence expiry date. Information on the renewal process can be found in the Workers and Temporary Workers guidance (Part 3) or the Student Sponsor Guidance.

For those companies that have already applied for licence renewal, they will be contacted by the Home Office soon, and the renewal fees will be refunded.


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