Successful settlement application as a spouse of a British citizen with Migra & Co

One of our clients is a non-visa national; she has been residing in the UK as the spouse of a British citizen. She intended to apply for settlement, but was confused by the new online process and the required documents.

As a result, she booked a consultation with us. During the consultation, we reviewed her case and immigration history. We also explained the application process, timescale, and discussed the weaknesses of her case. We were slightly concerned as she mentioned that she had a high number of absences. In light of this, we advised that it would be best to request her immigration file from the UKVI in order to prepare a detailed schedule of absences on her behalf.

Impressed by the high level of service that she received, we were us instructed for full representations. Once instructed we started working on her case immediately. We prepared the application bundle, drafted the online form and our detailed representations.

Our client decided to use the next day processing service. Once we had finalised the application bundle, we proceeded to booking the biometric appointment.

As part of the new application process, we are required to upload copies of our client’s supporting documents. Our client then attended her biometric appointment and her application was approved the following day.

Since then, we have also assisted with many of her friends’ immigration matters. Many of our clients are referrals who have been happy with the high level of service provided.

This is another success story from Migra and Co.

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