The PM has pledged a new Global Talent visa

On 8 August 2019, the Prime Minister Mr Boris Johnson announced that a new fast-track visa route will be created for foreign scientists to benefit the UK.

Mr Johnson mentioned the new fast-tract system will attract “the brightest and the best” (a well-known and overused phrase in immigration jargon) in the fields of science, engineering and technology.

It has been widely reported that the PM’s plan includes:

  • Abolishing the cap on numbers under the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visas;
  • Expanding the pool of UK research institutes and universities able to endorse candidates;
  • Creating criteria that confer automatic endorsement, subject to immigration checks;
  • Ensuring dependents have full access to the labour market;
  • Removing the need to hold an offer of employment before arriving;
  • Accelerated path to settlement.


On 12 August 2019, the Home Office published a factsheet with a brief introduction of the new Global Talent visa. The Global Talent is going to be listed under the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Scheme.

It will provide eligible individuals with a three years visa, and migrants would be able to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) at the end of this period. The most significant differences when compared to the current Tier 2 route for skilled workers are that there will be no minimum salary requirement and there will be no need to have a job offer before relocating to the UK. Meanwhile, the new Global Talent visa will remove the requirement for those endorsed as Exceptional Promise to have been awarded a prestigious Research Fellowship. The Home Office also stated that there will be no cap in the new visa route, and applicants will be allowed to bring their dependants (spouse/partners and children) to the UK.

However, the PM should also consider the importance of low-skilled jobs once the UK leaves the EU as shortages in hospitality and catering might have a serious impact on the UK economy.

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