Theresa May’s U-turn over migrant curbs  

Some MP and cabinet ministers believe that Theresa May will be forced to allow workers earning at least £21,000 to enter the UK after Brexit in light of the intense lobbying and criticisms from businesses demanding the right to employ low-skilled workers from abroad.

The Prime Minister may wish to limit immigration by “welcoming” only EU migrants earning a salary of £30,000 and above, but she had already to concede there would be a further year of consultation on the threshold after a cabinet revolt.

The White Paper proposes a skills-based system that makes no distinction between EU and non-EU countries, but the cabinet standoff meant that no final decision on the all-important salary threshold could be reached.

Home Office officials also refused to predict whether the new regime would reduce immigration to the tens of thousands, saying that future migration levels would depend on a range of factors that were hard to predict. These are indeed unpredictable times and the UK is sailing through unchartered waters which might undermine more than benefit its economic growth!

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