Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa- Genuine Test

As part of the genuine entrepreneur test in relation to a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa application, a migrant can be asked to attend an interview at any stage during the application process, including the day the application is submitted.

Before the interview, an applicant should review the documents submitted and be very familiar with the business plan. The following list of required evidence is not exhaustive and may not apply to each and every case:

  • a curriculum vitae (CV) to assess the applicant’s previous experience in the field and in the chosen business
  • a business plan and any market research to assess how much consideration the applicant has placed into starting their business
  • evidence of appropriate accreditation, registration or insurance for the relevant business section (if the business is established)
  • financial information as overseen by a bank – for example, a small business loan
  • SWOT analysis
  • evidence of how the business advertises its services/ products
  • contracts showing trading (if the business is established)
  • tax documentation (for example, tax returns or evidence of registration with HMRC) but only if the business is actually trading: non-trading businesses may still be registered
  • an affidavit from any mentors: for example, if the applicant is being mentored by a member of the British Business Angels Association
  • evidence of previous businesses owned by the applicant
  • details of trading premises, and permissions if the business is trading in the applicant’s home
  • evidence of likely job creation
  • financial forecast
  • detailed explanation regarding the prospective investment and use of £200k funds


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