Toughening of the rules for Tier 2 General migrants!

In line with the recent changes to the Immigration Rules, which came into force on 6 November 2014, the Home Office has toughen the requirements for migrants, who are planning to work in the UK under the Tier 2 General Scheme.

According to the new changes, the Home Office has introduced a “Genuine vacancy” test, which requires the jobholder to perform the specific duties and responsibilities for the job and does not include different and/or lower-skilled duties. The UKVI can request additional information and/or evidence from the migrant to establish this requirement and may refuse the application if this is not provided within the deadline.

The test has been implemented to tackle fraudulent applications made by migrants, whose vacancies contain exaggerated or incorrect job description to deliberately make it appear to satisfy the requirements of the Tier 2 category.  For instance, where job role does not exist, or if the advertisements were posted with the requirements that are inappropriate for the job on offer and have been tailored to exclude resident workers from being recruited.

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