Business Sponsor Licence and Compliance


As part of our Tier 2 compliance service we offer UK employers and their Human Resources (HR) departments a full range of corporate immigration services providing flexible and progressive solutions suited to their needs. Our specialists will ensure that your foreign workers are in compliance with the requirements of the new Points Based System.


As part of our corporate service, we conduct a thorough assessment of the company and the candidate’s eligibility under the Tier 2 scheme. In addition, we provide the following services:


  • Accurate advice in connection with the sponsorship licence process, submission and the documentation required;
  • Comprehensive guidance concerning compliance with the law, along with the sponsor’s duties, responsibilities and potential penalties;
  • Assistance with the advertising campaigns;
  • Help with follow-up assessments following completion of the advertising campaigns;
  • Detailed advice regarding the process, the evidence required for the Leave to Remain and Entry Clearance applications;
  • Preparation and submission of the application bundle on the candidate’s behalf;
  • Assistance with miscellaneous immigration concerns.


The UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) is responsible for the issuing of sponsorship licences, rating sponsors as A or B and conducting site visits as well as audits to monitor and enforce immigration regulations.


When successfully registered, a sponsor can apply for a number of Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS), which they can then use for the applicants whom they intend to sponsor. A Certificate of Sponsorship is only an assurance that a potential employee will be able to come to the UK to take up employment with your organisation. As a sponsor it is essential, therefore, that you establish whether a potential sponsored migrant meets the minimum threshold, as well as the general requirements for Entry Clearance/Leave to Remain set out in the Immigration Rules.


Penalties for non-compliance


It is the responsibility of the sponsor to ensure that the conditions of the UK immigration sponsorship licence are continuously met. The UKVI may carry out checks before or after the licence is issued to ensure that the information provided on the sponsor licence application is an accurate description of the organisation. The focus of the visit is to assess whether the sponsor is:


  • Adequately monitoring immigration status of the migrant workers;
  • Maintaining appropriate migrant data;
  • Record keeping duties are complied with;
  • Migrant tracking and general sponsorship duties are met.


Sponsors who are found in breach of the above will have their licence downgraded to B rating, suspended or revoked with serious consequences for both the sponsored migrants and the employer. Civil penalties will be imposed in situations where the law is broken through negligence or sub-standard employment practices.


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