Global Business Mobility – Secondment Worker


A Secondment Worker visa allows migrant workers to undertake temporary work assignments in the UK, where the worker is being seconded to the UK as a part of a high value contract or investment by their employer overseas. It does not lead to settlement in the UK but it may be possible to switch into an immigration category which does lead to settled status such as a Skilled Worker.


Main requirements of a Secondment Worker visa


To be eligible to apply for leave under the Global Business Mobility – Secondment Worker route, you must:

  • Aged 18 or over;
  • Currently working for an overseas business that has a contract with your sponsor that has been registered with the Home Office by the sponsor;
  • Have worked outside the UK for that overseas business for a cumulative period of at least 12 months (unless you are applying for an extension to work for the same sponsor);
  • Have a valid Certificate of Sponsorship issued by your UK sponsor for the job you are planning to do;
  • The role must be genuine;
  • The role must be at an appropriate skill level;
  • You have enough money to support yourself and your family without relying on public funds;
  • You have provided a valid TB certificate, if required.


UK Secondment Worker Visa applicants do not need to satisfy an English language requirement.


In addition, a Secondment Worker migrant does not need to satisfy either a general salary requirement or the ‘going rate’ for the occupation.  UK-based employers that are authorised by the Home Office to sponsor a Secondment Worker are not required to pay the Immigration Skills Charge.


How long is the visa granted for? Can I extend my visa?


You will be granted entry clearance or permission to stay for either 1 year from the start date of the job detailed in your Certificate of Sponsorship, the time given on your Certificate of Sponsorship plus 14 days, the date on which you will have had continuous permission as a Secondment Worker totalling 2 years, or the length of time that will take you to the maximum time period allowed in the category (see below), whichever is shorter.


There is also a maximum cumulative time that an individual can spend on the Global Business Mobility routes and the Intra-Company Transfer routes – in most cases this is a maximum of 5 years out of any 6-year period


The Global Business Mobility – Secondment Worker visa allows to bring a dependent spouse or partner and dependent children who are under the age of 18 at the time of the initial application.


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