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Having a wide and diverse range of clients, we understand that every immigration case is different and that a tailored approach must be used since there is no such thing as “one-fit-for-all”.


Often, we are approached by clients who might have done their own research or might have been provided with misleading advice – in such instances, it is our duty to steer them towards the best possible solution offering a full menu of immigration options to allow them to decide how best to reside, study, work and settle in the UK or simply fulfill the main drive behind their relocation.


In order to offer the most expedient advice to our clients, we would explore their immigration history and review their main goals by assessing them against the requirements of the Points Based Scheme’s visa categories, but we would also be thinking outside the box to assess whether their case might be a good fit for a less well-known category.


Therefore, it is important for us to openly discuss their immigration needs and find the most beneficial immigration strategy in particular when there are competing personal and business interests pulling in different directions.


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