Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer


The Intra-Company Transfers category (ICT) allows multi-national employers to transfer overseas employees to take on a specific position that the UK company might have been unable to fill with the local resident workforce.


Requirements under the Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer


  • Long Term Staff category is available to existing employees who wish to come to the UK under Tier 2 (ICT) for a period up to 5 years or 9 years for high earners (the latter for those employees whose salary is above £120,000 per annum). The job must be at a graduate level or above with a minimum salary of £41,500 per annum for those that have been employed by the overseas sponsor for at least 12 months or £73,900 for those with shorter period of overseas employment.
  • Graduate Trainee- this category is specifically designed to allow organisations to transfer recent graduate recruits to the UK for training for any period up to a maximum of 12 months. This route must not be used to fill- in long term posts. A migrant in the Tier 2 ICT Graduate Trainee subcategory must be coming to the UK as part of a structured graduate training programme with progression towards a managerial or specialist role within the organisation.


Change of employment


The migrant who entered the UK under the Tier 2 ICT category cannot switch employers in the UK and will be subject to 12 months cooling-off period once they left the UK and wish to return under Tier 2 General.


Settlement in the UK


Leave to enter and/or remain under the Tier 2 (ICT) category does not lead to settlement and following 5 or 9 years in the UK the migrant will have to leave the country.


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