Tier 4 Student


From 22 February 2010 the Tier 4 sponsors will need to use the sponsorship management system to issue a confirmation of acceptance for studies (CASs) to all students applying from inside as well as outside the UK.


The sponsoring college will have to provide you with a CAS number, a sponsor licence number as well as detailed information regarding the course (title, start and end date, awarding body etc.)


You must be able to demonstrate that you can support yourself for the duration of their studies without relying on public funds.


There are now two categories of students under the Tier 4 points-based scheme:


  • Tier 4 (General) Student – for adults intending to study in the UK for their post-16 education
  • Tier 4 (Child) Student – for children aged between 4 and 17


Visa Requirements


Under the Tier 4 General Student category you must be enrolled into one of the following:


  • A full time course, which is at degree level or above, or a recognised overseas higher education course at an overseas higher education institution
  • A course below degree level, which involves a minimum of 15 hours organised daytime study per week (Monday – Friday)
  • A pre-sessional course (preparatory course) immediately prior to beginning your full time course of study in the UK
  • An English language course under this category


Tier 4 Child Student category is for children between the age of 4 and 17 will be granted leave to enter or remain in the UK if they meet the maintenance requirement and show that they are able to study through one of the following:


  • A course that is taught in accordance with the National Curriculum or the National Qualification Framework (NQF)
  • A course that is accepted as equivalent in academic status by Ofsted (or its devolved equivalents)
  • A course that is provided as required by prevailing independent schools education standards


Funds and Maintenance


The funds required for students will need to cover your course fees for the first year of study and your living costs for up to a maximum of nine months. This will depend on whether you are an adult or a child and will vary according to the type/length of the course and the location of the education institution.


Change of course of study


You do not need to get our permission if you want to do a different course of study with your Tier 4 sponsor and the new course will finish before your current permission to stay expires. Your Tier 4 sponsor will tell us that you have changed course. If your new course will end after your current permission to stay expires, you will need to make a new Tier 4 application. You will therefore need a new confirmation of acceptance for studies from your Tier 4 sponsor. You can make this new application at any time before your current permission to stay expires, but we recommend that you do this as soon as possible.


Those wishing to remain in the UK under the Tier 4 category should contact us to discuss your options and find out how we can assist you in your application.


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