Visa Refusals


Over the past decade, Migra & Co has acted successfully in many appeals and admin review cases on behalf of clients who have had their applications for leave to enter or remain refused by the Home Office.


A refusal may occur for a number of different reasons, more often than not it may be due to a simple mistake when completing the form or failure in providing correct or mandatory supporting evidence, in particular with family’s cases or visitor visas. However, a refusal may also result from the applicant’s inability to show compliance with the immigration rules or in more serious circumstances, due to the alleged use of deception or forged documents.


We wish to stress that in all circumstances it’s key to act fast and seek immediate advice as soon as you are notified of a refusal since there are very strict deadlines to be met. It is also important that any appeal is carefully prepared and we have a team of immigration consultants and barristers fully qualified to assist you in challenging the UKVI decision. In some instances, we will advise that the best strategy is to submit a fresh application leading to a quicker turnaround and approval of your visa and we will work with you to ensure that you are fully aware of the steps and no mistakes are made.


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