There are many different types of visitor visa to the UK, mostly depending upon the purpose of the visit. Visits could be for business purposes, for study, or for medical treatment and for marriage.


Visitors and business visitors


This is the general category and is used by people intending to have a holiday or to visit family and friends in the UK. Visitors can remain in the UK for a maximum of six months. Visitors are not allowed to work in the UK and must have sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay.


The visitor category covers those of you who need to come to the UK to attend business meetings, negotiate agreements and finalise contracts. If you intend to work in the UK and produce goods or provide services during your visit, you should apply under Tier 2 or to enter through one the business categories.


Child visitor


A person under 18 who wishes to come to the UK for a visit must apply for an entry clearance as a Child Visitor. In addition to the requirements under the adult category, suitable arrangements have to be made for the child’s travel to the UK as well as organising appropriate reception and care within the UK.


Visits for private medical treatment


It is possible to apply for a visa to come to the UK to undertake a private medical treatment. Such visitors must show that they can support themselves while in the UK and pay for their treatment.


Marriage or Civil Partnership Visitor


Marriage or civil partnership visitors are people who are coming to the UK only for their wedding or to form a civil partnership. Visas in this category are given for a maximum of six months. If you intend to live in the UK after your wedding or civil partnership ceremony, you cannot use this category as you will need to apply as a Fiancé/e or Proposed Civil Partner.


Visit visas for Chinese nationals


Under the Approved Destinations Status (ADS) Agreement between the UK and China, the UK has a special agreement for Chinese nationals who visit the UK. The visa is for a maximum of 30 days, and is designed for people travelling as a member of a tour group approved for the purposes of the agreement.


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