UKBA fees for applications under EU law

According to the latest Immigration news, from 1 July 2013 there will be a fee charged for the following types of EEA documentation applications made within the UK:

– EEA1

– EEA2

– EEA3

– EEA4

– DRF1

Bulgaria and Romania

  • BR1- Application for a blue or yellow registration certificate
  • BR5-Application for a residence card
  • BR6-Application for a family member residence stamp



  • CR1- Application for a blue or yellow registration certificate
  • CR2- Application for a blue registration certificate on the basis of being highly skilled
  • CR3- Application for a purple registration certificate giving permission to work in the UK
  • CR4- Application for a residence card
  • CR5- Application for a family member residence stamp


All the above application must now be accompanied by a fee of £55.00. Please note, that any application not accompanied by the correct fee, even if submitted without an application form, will not be accepted.

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