UKVI fees – significant changes

The Home Office has just announced the indicative charges of the UKVI fees for the year 2015/16, which will increase the fees for most visa categories.

A significant increase will apply to the Tier 1 Investor applicants. The fees for the entry clearance, limited leave to enter or remain applications will increase from £874.00 and £1,093.00 respectively to £1500.00. For Tier 1 Entrepreneur applications submitted either overseas or in-country the increase from the current fees will be up to £7.4%.

For settlement applications submitted overseas, where the route may lead to a grant of Indefinite Leave to Remain, such as fiancé (e)/proposed civil partner/spouse/civil partner applications, the fees will increase from £885.00 to £956.00.

If you are planning to submit settlement application after 6 April 2015, the UKVI fees will be in a range of £1500.00, while the current fees for a postal application are £1,093.00. An additional £400.00 will need to be paid, if application were to be submitted using the same day service.

On a different note, the fees for extension applications under a Sole Representative route are likely to be decreased from £1,093.00 to £651.00. The lower fees will also apply to Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Migrants when switching to this visa category or applying for an extension of leave in the UK. The decrease from the current fees will be approximately 50%.

We advise applicants to submit their applications before April 2015 if eligible to do so, to avoid paying the much higher fees threshold.

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