Using Priority Service for Sponsor License Application

The standard processing time for the Sponsorship Pre-Licence Process is 8 weeks, during which an application undergoes review to be added to the Sponsor Register list. Additionally, the Home Office offers an expedited service that aims to deliver results within 10 working days. This expedited option is available for a limited number of 30 applications, which can be submitted between 9.00 am and 23.59 pm from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. The priority service incurs a fee of £500.

Starting from 21 June 2023, you have the option to request a priority service for your sponsor licence application. You can pay the priority service fee along with your application fee, provided you meet the eligibility criteria outlined above. Your payment confirmation will be provided on your submission sheet.

Alternatively, if you didn’t initially select this priority service or were unable to secure one of the 30 available slots on the day of your application submission, you can still opt for the priority service. To do so, log back into your sponsor application account using your username and password, and then select the ‘Finish incomplete applications’ option.

Please be aware that, at present, priority service is not available for applications in the following categories:

  • GBM UK Expansion Worker
  • GBM Service Supplier
  • GBM Secondment Worker
  • Scale-up Worker
  • Government Authorised Exchange
  • International Agreement
  • Seasonal Worker


If your request for priority service is approved, you are required to submit your submission sheet along with all mandatory and supplementary documents for the applicable work routes to: [email protected]. This should be done either:

  • within 5 working days of paying the priority service fee if you are submitting your application.
  • if you are adding the priority service to an application that you have already submitted, you must have already submitted these documents.
  • if you wish to add the priority service to an application that you have already submitted, your application must not be in progress.


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