VFS Self-upload service in China has been launched

On 14 November 2019, VFS Global announced a more streamlined application process, which is going to make it easier for individuals in China to apply for a UK visa.

Applicants in China will be able to use a new self-upload feature during the online application process from 21 November 2019. They can scan and upload their supporting documents online at home for free, or they can still use the Document Scanning Assistance service at one of the visa centres for an additional fee. Please note that the Document Scanning Assistance service will remain free until 19 December 2019.

Alternatively, migrants can complete their application form, book a biometric appointment at one of the visa centres and choose optional services such as courier services, access to the Premium Lounge, and an application and document checking service, etc.  Applicants are also able to pay for any optional services by using WeChat, UnionPay, Visa or Master Card online. If you were to upload the documents, please make sure to follow the document upload instructions carefully and upload the documents under the correct categories.

If a migrant is applying for settlement spouse/ fiancée/ partner’s visa, in addition to self-uploading the supporting documents at home or choosing the Document Scanning Assistance service at one of the visa centres, they can also ask a legal representative to submit the supporting documents in the UK on their behalf for an additional fee of £75.00 payable in cash or with a debit card.

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